Nourish to Flourish. Eat Well Today.

We see you. You’re someone who values wellness and tries hard each day to nourish your body. Us too. Your search history likely contains some variation of “calories in taco salad” or “carbs in caesar salad”. As one of the best salad places (we think so anyway) with an initiative to provide nutritious food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients we understand the importance of checking the nutritional facts. 

However, we invite you to think about food and nutrition differently. A small, healthy challenge, if you will. 

Instead of calorie counting and carb checking, focus on how the food you are enjoying makes you feel both mentally and physically. Does it provide you with energy? Does it nourish you? Connect with how the meal refuels and sustains your body, as opposed to the numbers. 

We aren’t saying searching for “caesar salad nutrition” or similar is inherently wrong or unhealthy. Of course, it’s not. We agree that these are important pieces of information. But, they shouldn’t be all that you consider before you dig in. Introducing a subtle shift in the way you think about food, in addition to checking the nutritional information, could provide a more well-rounded eating experience. But, don’t just take our word for it. After all, we’re just a salad shop. Our qualifications rest in leafy greens, not in medical leaflets. We like this article from Harvard Health. Check it out when you get some time and think of how to apply it to your daily nutrition routine.

In the meantime, if you do need nutritional facts you can find them here. It’s comprehensive and includes information about individual ingredients (i.e. spring mix calories) and the complete salad (i.e. taco salad calories, caesar salad calories, etc.). Our full salad-to-go menu can be found here for reference. Happy eating!